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Why the Call to Pray for Healing at the Uttermost Part of the Rivers of Egypt

On Friday, July 27, 2018, the Lord greatly increased my understanding and appreciation of why He had called for prayers of healing on the southern shore of Lake Victoria in Tanzania, Africa, at the start of 2017. Earlier in the week I had been writing further on why the Book of Mormon is the new covenant based on the prophecies of God. When reading from the seventh chapter of Isaiah at that time, the phrase “the uttermost part of the rivers of Egypt” in Isaiah 7:18 caused my thoughts to return to 2017 and the prayers I was led to offer at Lake Victoria for the healing of the nations beginning with the healing of the house of Israel. Could the “uttermost part” in Isaiah 7:18 be a reference to the lake, I wondered? The word “rivers” appeared to point to the many tributaries of the Nile toward the south, not just to the Nile River itself in the north.

As noted in my original report on offering the 2017 prayers, the Lord had previously shown me that by facing northward from Lake Victoria, one looks along the first boundary listed in Genesis 15 for the covenant land promised to Abraham (named Abram at that time). This was quite significant to me since I was being called there to pray over this particular land. When asking the Lord why I was to offer prayers for the healing of Israel so far from Jerusalem, I was reminded of how it is written in the prophets that the borders of the promised land must be expanded to accommodate the great number of people who will come to it in the last days. Now, on July 27, an even greater insight was given to me as to why Lake Victoria was reserved for the 2017 prayers for healing, especially for the house of Israel.

This new insight is associated with the scourge listed in Isaiah 7:18 that had come upon the children of Israel and their land of inheritance. This scourge resulted from their breaking the covenant God had made with them at Horeb. By transgressing against the law of Moses and failing to repent of their rebellion, the children of Israel were brought under the curse provisions of the old covenant, expressed at that time in the form of this particular scourge. According to Isaiah 7:18, this scourge would come from the “uttermost part of the rivers of Egypt” on the west and from the “land of Assyria” on the northeast. Immediately upon reading of these two places listed in Isaiah’s prophecy (the places from which the scourge was to come), I was reminded of the original boundaries of the covenant land promised to Abraham, which in Genesis 15 is recorded to extend from the river of Egypt unto the great river Euphrates.

When making this association for me, the Lord further confirmed that the uttermost part of the rivers of Egypt listed in Isaiah 7:18 did indeed refer to the region in which the headwaters or the tributaries (rivers) feeding into the Nile River are located. This agreed with what I had been taught previously back in the fall of 2016. At that time, when first calling upon me to offer prayers for healing at Lake Victoria, the Lord had identified the lake as the headwaters or fountain of the river of Egypt (Nile), and thus the headwaters of the first river boundary of Abraham’s covenant lands.

Having these insights in mind, I could now clearly see that the place reserved for the prayers of healing had been selected to coincide with: 1) the first location from which the scourge (judgment) pronounced in Isaiah 7:18 had come; and 2) the headwaters from which the waters of the first border listed in Genesis 15 for Abraham’s covenant lands flow. Thus, from this general location the curse upon the land could be released and a blessing of healing could flow forth over the entire covenant land. By calling for prayers in this particular location, joined by two prophecies, it was now apparent to me that the time of the judgment spoken of in Isaiah 7:18 had been fulfilled and that the time had come for God’s ancient covenant people to prepare themselves for being regathered into the land of their inheritance under the new covenant spoken of by the prophets (e.g. in Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiel 37 with Isaiah 11).

Back in the early morning hours on January 18, 2017, as I prayed while overlooking Lake Victoria, an important insight had been given to me regarding the regathering of the whole house of Israel. This insight was recorded on page 7 of my report as follows: “When I concluded this prayer time, the Lord explained to me by His Spirit of truth that it was significant that I had been discouraged the previous day; and, further, that my sorrow had been turned to joy early the next day. This, He showed me, was a parable of how the prayers for healing would be fulfilled through the new covenant being fulfilled. We must first pass through a dark night before the rising of the Son upon the earth; and because the Lord is merciful, the night will be shortened, just as my sleep had been cut short that night.”

Most assuredly, I believe even more that as the sun arose in the east over Lake Victoria on January 18, 2017, the Son of God will arise upon Immanuel’s land at the appointed time with healing in His wings. First, however, there must be a cleansing of the land, represented to me that day as a dark but short night. This will be done to prepare for the gathering of a remnant of the children of Abraham to occupy their covenant lands in peace and righteousness.

This link is to the full document which includes scripture references and an outline detailing the testimony in greater depth.

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