2019 Services

Select a date to listen to an 11:00 a.m. worship service, which usually includes a welcome, call to worship, congregational hymns, offertory, ministry of music, and a sermon by the indicated priesthood member. Information about the recordings found on this page is provided at the bottom of the page. The views and opinions expressed in the recordings and articles/posts are the author’s own views and opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of Zion’s Outpost, Inc.

6-Jan-2019 – Sacrament, Elder D. Newman

13-Jan-2019 – Teacher R. Smith

20-Jan-2019 – Elder D. Burford

27-Jan-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

3-Feb-2019 – Sacrament, Priest J. Loyd

10-Feb-2019 – Elder D. Burford [Slides]

17-Feb-2019 – Elder D. Newman

24-Feb-2019 – Elder G. Whiting [Slides]

3-Mar-2019 – Sacrament, Elder D. Burford

10-Mar-2019 – Elder D. Newman

17-Mar-2019 – Blessing of Children

24-Mar-2019 – Teacher R. Smith

31-Mar-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

7-Apr-2019 – Sacrament, Elder D. Newman

14-Apr-2019 – Teacher R. Smith

21-Apr-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

28-Apr-2019 – Elder D. Burford [Slides]

5-May-2019 – Sacrament, Elder D. Burford [Slides]

12-May-2019 – Elder D. Newman

19-May-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

26-May-2019 – Elder D. Burford

2-Jun-2019 – Sacrament, Elder G. Whiting

9-Jun-2019 – Elder D. Newman

16-Jun-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

23-Jun-2019 – Elder D. Burford

30-Jun-2019 – Elder D. Newman

7-Jul-2019 – Sacrament, Elder G. Whiting

14-Jul-2019 – Teacher R. Smith

21-Jul-2019 – Elder D. Burford [Presentation]

28-Jul-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

4-Aug-2019 – Sacrament, Elder G. Whiting

11-Aug-2019 – Elder D. Newman

18-Aug-2019 – Elder D. Burford [Presentation]

25-Aug-2019 – Elder G. Whiting [Presentation]

1-Sep-2019 – Sacrament, Teacher R. Smith

8-Sep-2019 – Elder D. Newman

15-Sep-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

22-Sep-2019 – Elder D. Burford [Presentation]

29-Sep-2019 – Elder D. Newman

6-Oct-2019 – Elder D. Newman

13-Oct-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

20-Oct-2019 – Teacher R. Smith

27-Oct-2019 – Elder G. Whiting

3-Nov-2019 – Sacrament, Elder D. Burford [Presentation]

10-Nov-2019 – International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church [Presentation]

Not Recorded

17-Nov-2019 – Teacher R. Smith

24-Nov-2019 – Elder D. Newman

1-Dec-2019 – Sacrament, Elder G. Whiting

5-Dec-2019 – Emily Ramsey Memorial Service, Elder G. Whiting Presiding

8-Dec-2019 – Elder D. Newman

15-Dec-2019 – Teacher R. Smith

22-Dec-2019 – Christmas Program

29-Dec-2019 – Branch Priesthood

Information about Audio Files

The sermon audio files on this site are in a standard MP3 file format with an output setting of 128,000 kbps. While this setting produces a lowered sound quality, it provides a small audio file size that readily streams over the Internet. If you would like to receive a CD recorded in a higher quality format, please go to our Contact Us page and submit a request for the sermon(s) you would like in CD format and where you would like each to be mailed. Be sure to include your contact information, including your phone number and mailing address.