Privacy and Use Policy

We reserve the right to make modifications as we see fit at any time to the following Privacy and Use Policy. Therefore, please be sure to visit this policy page often for updates.


The following information is intended to assure our guests that we are concerned about and respect your privacy.  Zion’s Outpost, Inc., will not sell, lease, or rent any private or personal information our guests may provide during their visits to through, for example, our contact forms.  We are committed to keeping any private information you may provide on this website secure.  However, when required by the law we will share appropriate information with those authorized to receive such information according to the laws of the land.  Concerning the use and purpose of the content included on, please note the following:

  • No personal information entered on this website is to be shared with 3rd parties without permission.
  • Materials on this website are free to use for study, teaching, and sharing.
  • Copyrights should be acknowledged if copyrighted materials are used.
  • The views and opinions expressed in the recordings and articles/posts are the author’s own views and opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of Zion’s Outpost, Inc.
  • Regarding ease of use, our websites have been designed to be helpful and informative.  You may recommend improvements and changes via the contact form for the webmaster.

Terms and Conditions of Use

Zion’s Outpost, Inc., was established to bring ministry to and provide a place of worship for our members and guests.  The themes and content of our website pages are structured around our Christian beliefs as found in:  1) the Holy Scriptures of the Bible, 2) the Book of Mormon, and 3) the Doctrine & Covenants of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints (pre-1984). The information provided on this site is intended to reflect these values to our members and our guests.

We appreciate your respect of our values and commitments.  The roots of our faith are founded in Judeo-Christian ethics, especially with regard to God, our communities, and our families.  We hold particularly sacred God’s view and instruction on marriage, family, and children, including the unborn.

By using our website pages you are agreeing to respect us and our views and to not use any of the information found on the various pages of this website to attack us or our views in either a social, political, or legal venue, realm, or forum.  If you do not agree with these terms or do not agree to respect our values, we respectfully request that you do not use this website or any of the materials included on its pages.

Restrictions on Use of Our Online Materials

This website,, and its assorted pages contain text, images, documents, presentations, webpages (including links), and other materials, such as photos and audio files, that are the copyrighted property of Zion’s Outpost, Inc.

These items are being made available on this site for personal and/or group viewing directly from the World Wide Web using a common, general-use web browser.

However, permission is hereby granted to materially print, copy, and/or distribute any of these items for the purpose of personal and/or group use so long as: 1) the text, images, and formats are not altered, taken out of context, and/or misrepresented; 2) copyrighted materials, with or without notices of authorship, are preserved as provided; and 3) use is limited to not-for-profit purposes or activities.

Furthermore, permission is granted to include links on other websites to the various items on this site under the same conditions listed for materially printing, copying, and/or distributing the various items.

Any other reproduction of these items, including but not limited to electronically posting them on any other website, is prohibited without prior written permission from the copyright holder.

Thank you.