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“Why are you so many good things and are not the most important thing of all?”

In a message he gave at a VOM conference in March of 1997, the late Pastor Richard Wurmbrand spoke of a strange personal experience in which he was taken to the high peak of a mountain and asked a curious and delicate question by a celestial being of unspeakable beauty.  This heavenly messenger asked Pastor Wurmbrand:

[quote]“Why are you so many good things and are not the most important thing of all?  Why are you not a saint?”[/quote]

As you listen to the audio recording linked below, you will hear of how Pastor Wurmbrand was troubled greatly by this question and how it caused him to seek the Lord earnestly to find its meaning.  In his searching he was given enriching insights that hold the promise of blessing each of us as we too seek its application in our lives.

It is a 20 minute message that will not only encourage you to be faithful to the end, it will encourage you to love to the uttermost.

Remember John 17 and may God richly bless you in and through our Lord Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and Friend.



  • A note of clarification:  The pastor started to conclude his remarks after speaking for only about seven minutes. When he was given the go-ahead to speak longer, he did so by first repeating a few thoughts.  He then spoke for another 14 minutes or so.  In the recording linked here, the repeated portion of his message has been edited out with the concluding portion of his remarks which he gave after speaking just about seven minutes has been moved to the end.
  • A request:  If someone is able to transcribe the message, please consider doing so and emailing me a copy so it can be attached to this post for others to print and share with those who may not have access to the internet.


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