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Why Micah’s Prophecy About Horses and Chariots Matters Today

Introduction [pdf version] When teaching the people of the Book of Mormon about His covenant with them as a remnant of the house of Israel (Jacob), Jesus Christ quoted from a number of prophecies, including Micah 5:8-15.[1]  According to our Lord, Micah’s prophecy pertains directly to Mormon’s people.  It also pertains, Jesus said, to the[…]

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“Time is of the essence”

Early this morning (December 31, 2014) I was awakened with the words “Time is running out,” giving me the distinct impression that time is short!  As I pondered the meaning of these words, the parable of the ten virgins was brought presently to mind; and with it came an urgent yet reassuring sense of our[…]

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Why persecutions

Today (November 2, 2014) our congregation joined others throughout the world in observing the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. We began with a sacrament charge by Seventy Gary Whiting in preparation of our partaking of the Lord’s Supper together.  Brother Gary spoke on persecution based on Jesus’ words found in John 15, words that Jesus spoke just prior to His betrayal and[…]